Keyless car thefts

Police are advising owners of keyless vehicles to look after their key fobs after two high-value cars were stolen in Lincolnshire earlier this month. Overnight 8/9th January, a black Mercedes Benz was stolen from Stamford and a grey BMW M6 was stolen from Bourne. It is believed that, in both cases, an electronic device was used to replicate the signal emitted from the car key fob, allowing criminals to open the vehicle and drive off in it using the push-button start.

If the key fob is close to the front door or a window of the house, it’s possible that criminals can use a relay amplifier and transmitter to gain access to the vehicle without having possession of the key fob. One criminal will stand close to the front door/window of the house and try to pick up the signal from the fob while the other stands next to the car waiting for an electronic signal which will open the vehicle doors.

Police are advising owners of keyless cars to keep their fob in a Faraday bag which will prevent it from being interfered with. You can buy protective bags from Halfords or other similar stores for around £10-£15 THIS IS AN EMERGING CRIMINAL TREND, PLEASE CIRCULATE THIS ADVICE WIDELY

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