The role of the police Family Liaison Officer (FLO) is hugely challenging and one of the most important in any investigation. During my police career, particularly as an SIO leading Murder enquiries, I was always indebted to the selfless work and dedication of the FLO’s supporting the bereaved families. If you’re writing about a Murder or a road death investigation, please don’t forget the FLO(s). Here are 5 brief facts to help you.

FLO’s are specially-trained police officers who carry out the role in addition to their ‘day’ jobs

The two main FLO deployments are for Crime (usually Murder) and Road Death investigation

The vast majority of FLO’s are either DC’s or PC’s

FLO’s should be deployed in pairs in a Murder investigation

FLO’s will keep a written record of all interactions with the bereaved family and will be responsible for documenting the family history

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