I am a former Senior Detective who served a total of 32 years with the Metropolitan Police and more recently Lincolnshire Police prior to my retirement from the Police Service in 2012.  

I have considerable experience in the prevention and detection of crime, having spent many years as a Detective at various ranks. The latter years of my Police career were spent in charge of murder investigations as a Detective Chief Inspector (DCI) working in the East Midlands region.  

Since leaving the Police Service I have worked with local media providing advice and interviews regarding current police investigations and issues. I have also offered my services as a Consultant to the Crime Writers Association to help those authors who are writing fiction and/or true crime to accurately portray the police actions and procedures.  

I am currently delivering talks aimed at promoting Home Security and Personal Safety, particularly amongst the elderly and otherwise vulnerable members of our community. By talking to Groups/Organisations and providing access to relevant crime prevention literature and products, I am helping to reduce the chances of such people becoming the victim of a crime.  

In addition to delivering talks on safety I also speak about ‘MURDER INVESTIGATION’, giving a fascinating insight into the challenges facing a Senior Detective leading such enquiries. The use of factual case studies and media footage during these presentations results in a most interesting and informative session.’