If you’re a writer who wants to include police procedure or crime in your book or film it’s important that you get it right. The internet may help to a certain extent but it can be outdated and non-specific. The most reliable way is to seek advice from a person with a specialised and varied policing background.

Since 2014 Stuart has been offering his services as a Writing Consultant at a competitive rate to authors and scriptwriters who write true crime or crime fiction. Having initially registered his interest with the Crime Writers’ Association (CWA) he now has an established client base including a number of authors, some bestselling and others just starting out on their writing journey.

If you’re a writer who needs help with police procedure, whether the odd question, more detailed advice or read through fact-checking please don’t hesitate to get in touch. The consultancy service provided by Stuart will guarantee that your book is accurate and authentic.


CL Taylor – bestselling author

“Stuart advises me on the police procedural aspects of my psychological thrillers. I would highly recommend his service to other writers.”

Rona Halsall – bestselling author

“Stuart is so quick and thorough, an absolute star and so lovely to work with. Thank you for all the support and advice regarding police matters. If you’re a budding crime writer, or just interested in the subject, he has written two fascinating books The Crime Writer’s Casebook and Being a Detective.”

Will Shindler – author of the DI Alex Finn thriller series

“Stuart provides an essential service for writers, with an invaluable knowledge of police procedure. He supplies speedy, detailed, pragmatic advice and I couldn’t write any of my books without running the details of them past him first. You can’t put a price on the authenticity he brings, and I’d recommend him to any writers contemplating a police procedural novel.”

Zoe Caldwell – author of the thriller ‘Predator’

“I contacted Stuart as I was writing a thriller and had questions about a murder investigation. Stuart was great – he answered all of my questions in detail and was very considered and patient in his responses. Working with Stuart helped me write with confidence and truly strengthened my book – ensuring that it comes across as realistic and believable to the reader. Stuart is not only an expert in crime investigations, but he;s also very approachable and supportive. I highly recommend working with him.”

Philippa East – bestselling author

“I have consulted Stuart Gibbon for both of my domestic suspense books and each time he has been extremely knowledgeable, supportive and generous. He strikes a great balance between helping you create accurate and plausible scenarios and plots, while also respecting the story you are trying to tell. Often times, my discussions with Stuart have sparked new ideas, characters, or twists, so it always feels like an exciting, creative process. It’s great to feel safe and confident putting my books out into the world knowing that Stuart’s expert eye has been cast over them!”

Sheryl Browne – bestselling author

“I can’t recommend Stuart highly enough. I’ve consulted him on all of my books and he always gets back to me promptly, supplying precisely the information I required. I now write secure in the knowledge I can call on Stuart to make sure I get it right.”

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