Stuart decided to become an author after meeting crime historian, Stephen Wade at a literary festival in 2015. They both thought that a book about true crime, written from a historical and contemporary perspective, may prove popular with fans of the genre as well as crime writers. In December 2017 ‘The Crime Writer’s Casebook’ was published by Straightforward Publishing. The book has proved popular amongst the writing community and has been positively reviewed.

The second book ‘Being a Detective’ was published in March 2019 and is an A-Z guide to the role of a UK detective, past and present.Both books have been described as ‘essential reading for anyone interested in crime, whether a reader or writer’.

Stuart and Stephen are currently writing a new series of comprehensive guides for crime writers and true crime fans.

The Crime Writer's Casebook

This debut book, written by two experts in their field, provides lots of information and factual detail about crime, both historical and contemporary. A wide range of topics are covered including murder investigation, forensics and police procedure. This book is an essential companion for crime fans and invaluable for crime/thriller writers.

Being A Detective

‘An A-Z Readers’ and Writers’ Guide to detective work, past and present’ tells you everything you need to know about the role of the UK detective, from the formation of CID in 1842 to modern day investigative work. Starting with the ‘ABC principle’ of criminal investigation, and covering every letter of the alphabet, this book is crammed full of facts about the history, training and investigations of the detective.

Being A Detective

'Catching a Killer was published in March 2022 and is the latest book in the Straightforward Crime Reference series. The book examines the investigation of Murder from an historical and modern-day perspective, with reference to criminal law, police procedure and forensic evidence.'

The first three guides in a new series for crime writers and true crime fans

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