Due to the amount of messages I have received from members of the public who have had phone calls allegedly from the TPS or similar named organisation, I decided to contact the TPS to clarify the situation. They confirmed that you can register with them either by phone (0345 070 0707) or online (www.tpsonline.org.uk) and the service is FREE.

If you register online you will receive an e-mail from them confirming your registration but you will never be asked to click on a link or send money. You will also never receive an unsolicited phone call from TPS asking for money or bank card details. If you do receive a call it’s highly likely that it will be a scam. Please bear in mind that the caller may know your personal details and may also know your bank details. NEVER GIVE OUT OR CONFIRM PERSONAL OR FINANCIAL DETAILS OVER THE PHONE

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2 thoughts on “Telephone Preference Service (TPS) scam – update”

  1. Had one call yesterday from a mobile number, Indian voice asking to check my details on TPS. He knew some details but not all asked me to confirm if they were correct. Even tho they were not correct I said yes to see how far they went. Asked for my visa expiry date, full name on the card and then asked for the long number, thus s even I said it’s a scam and put down the phone. BEWARE.

    1. Hi Chris. this is the exact same one as I had today which I have had before some time ago. . seemed like several people working from a room. Said is this your address and said yes knowing well that it no longer was and asked me to check cards expiry date. I asked him why he needs it and he gave me a short explanation. then he said just get your card and I just said I am not getting it byee.. From number 01655879688

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