Catching a Killer

Friday 25th March saw the release of our latest true crime book ‘Catching a Killer’ once again published by Straightforward Publishing. This book is all about the investigation of murder, from an historical and contemporary perspective. The book is ideal for crime writers and fans of the true crime genre. It contains lots of fascinating true crime case studies and factual information about how police go about solving a murder and catching a killer.

‘Catching a Killer’ is the sixth book in our crime reference series, combining the knowledge and experiences of a seasoned crime historian with a former senior police detective, taking the reader behind the scenes and allowing you to play the part of the detective, or indeed the killer.

Since first meeting at a literary festival in 2015, Stephen and I have become good friends as well as co-authors and have had the pleasure of entertaining many people across the country during our talks on true crime and crime investigation. We are extremely grateful for the support we have and continue to receive from the writing and reading community and hope that ‘Catching a Killer’ will prove as popular as the others in the series.

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