Look after your contactless card(s)

If you have a contactless credit or debit card it’s worth taking care of it when you’re out and about. Whilst the majority of bank card use is trouble-free, there have been cases where criminals have been able to intercept the signal sent from your card to the card reader by using an application on a mobile phone. The criminal would need to be standing quite close to you but, technically, it’s possible for them to be able to remove some of the details from your card without touching it, even when it is inside your purse or wallet.

There are card wallets and card protectors (defenders) which are now available on the internet and in some shops/garden centres which will protect your contactless cards from being ‘scanned’. You need to remove the card from the wallet to use it but as long as you put it straight back into the wallet afterwards then you should have no problems. There is no evidence to show that this is a particular problem but it’s happened before and so it’s better to be safe than sorry.

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