A woman from the Louth area of Lincolnshire has been left devastated after being conned by phone ‘scammers’. The woman was deceived into transferring large amounts of cash after being called by people claiming to be fraud investigators and Police officers. A man phoned the lady and told her that he was from Fraud Visa in Scotland and that he was investigating a suspected fraud at her local bank. The woman was then ‘transferred’ to a man claiming to be a Police Sergeant who asked her to transfer money into an account, the details of which he gave her. The victim has since commented “I feel as though these people have cut me open, taken everything out, and left nothing behind. There was absolutely nothing to suggest they were not genuine when they called. They knew things about my recent transactions that I thought only the bank would know”. A man has been arrested and bailed by Police in relation to this and other offences. NEITHER YOUR BANK NOR THE POLICE WILL ASK YOU TO TRANSFER MONEY OVER THE PHONE IN THIS WAY. PLEASE HANG UP STRAIGHT AWAY IF YOU RECEIVE UNEXPECTED CALLS FROM PEOPLE CLAIMING TO BE FROM THE BANK OR POLICE IN THESE CIRCUMSTANCES