A further telephone scam was reported to police this month. A lady in her 70’s received a phone call from a man claiming to be from the Fraud Squad at Hammersmith in London. He told the lady that money in her bank account was at risk of fraud and advised her to freeze her account. She was told not to tell anyone about the situation but to go to her bank, withdraw £5,000 cash, and return home with it. The lady was told that a man would come to her house, confirm a code that the caller had given her, then take the money away for safekeeping. The lady followed these instructions and handed the cash to the man who came to her house. This is another version of a scam which targets older people when criminals phone and claim to be from the bank or police. NEITHER THE BANK NOR POLICE WILL EVER ACT IN THIS WAY. IF YOU RECEIVE SUCH A CALL PLEASE HANG UP AND INFORM POLICE. PLEASE REMEMBER THAT CRIMINALS CAN SOMETIMES STAY ON YOUR PHONE LINE FOR A PERIOD OF TIME EVEN THOUGH YOU HAVE TERMINATED THE CALL. IF YOU THINK THIS MAY BE THE CASE PLEASE USE ANOTHER TELEPHONE TO MAKE ANY CALLS