Fraudsters are impersonating internet service providers, computer companies and software firms and using technology to take control of computers remotely. The ‘scammers’ will phone and offer to assist with a slow computer/internet connection caused  by a problem with your computer which they claim they can fix. They will then direct you to a website or provide you with instructions to enter into your computer which then gives them remote access to your computer. The fraudster will take some time to ‘fix’ the problem, possibly 30-40 minutes. During the call you will be offered compensation which they will claim they have sent to your bank account. They will ask you to log into your bank account to make sure it has arrived but will also display a false banking screen (as they still have control of your computer) which will give the appearance that your account has been credited. In the meantime they will steal money from your account. PLEASE NEVER ALLOW A COLD CALLER REMOTE ACCESS TO YOUR COMPUTER NOR DISCLOSE YOUR PIN OR BANKING PASSWORD