For many months now I’ve circulated details of scams where fraudsters ring people, pretending to be from the bank or Police, advising of a problem with your bank account and requesting that you hang up, then phone your bank/Police to sort things out. The fraudster stays on the phone line even though you hang up and the next person you speak with when you try to make that call is the same or another fraudster pretending to be the bank/Police. You will then be asked for banking details (including your PIN number) or told that someone will come to your house to collect your card or cash. Hopefully this type of scam will reduce as BT announce changes intended to reduce the amount of time that a BT line can be held open by the caller down to 2 seconds. BT are also trying to protect customers by raising awareness of scams and have launched the website which tells customers about the latest scams, how to protect themselves and what to do if they become the victim of a scam. PLEASE REMAIN VIGILANT WHEN RECEIVING PHONE CALLS FROM PEOPLE PURPORTING TO BE FROM YOUR BANK OR POLICE AND NEVER PROVIDE PERSONAL OR BANKING DETAILS OVER THE PHONE