Elderly residents in the Lincoln area are being targeted by telephone scammers claiming to be from the Metropolitan Police. Lincolnshire Police have received four reports in the past few days from people who have received a phone call from someone who claims to work either at New Scotland Yard or Paddington police station. The recipient is told that a woman has been arrested in London for the fraudulent use of a bank card. They are advised to withdraw money from their bank accounts as their funds are “not safe”. Withdrawal amounts vary between £10,000 and £40,000. The fraudster advises that a ‘police officer’ will attend their home address to collect the money for safekeeping. Fortunately, as far as police are aware, the fraudsters haven’t been successful to date but there is a likelihood that further similar calls will be received. PLEASE REMEMBER THAT NEITHER THE POLICE NOR YOUR BANK WILL EVER ASK YOU TO WITHDRAW MONEY FOR COLLECTION NOR WILL THEY ASK FOR YOUR PIN NUMBER OR BANK DETAILS. IF YOU RECEIVE SUCH A CALL PLEASE HANG UP AND REPORT THE CIRCUMSTANCES TO POLICE