Criminals continue to ring older/vulnerable people and trick them into parting with money by pretending that they are from the bank or the police. A 92 year old Grantham woman has been ‘conned’ out of £23,000 during the past week. She received a number of phone calls from a man claiming to be from Barclays bank. He was able to convince her that there was an ongoing internal investigation into activity on her bank account and persuaded her to transfer her money into another account to ‘protect her assets’. He provided her with the new account details which were fraudulent. The criminal has continued to call the woman in an attempt to obtain more money. The incident has been referred to Action Fraud and an investigation is underway.  PLEASE REMEMBER THAT NEITHER THE POLICE NOR ANY BANK WILL EVER CONTACT YOU IN THIS WAY, ASK YOU TO TRANSFER FUNDS OR REVEAL YOUR BANK PIN, ACCOUNT NUMBERS OR PASSWORDS. PLEASE MAKE SURE THAT ELDERLY FAMILY, FRIENDS AND NEIGHBOURS ARE AWARE OF THIS TYPE OF SCAM.