Fraudsters continue to try to con people by ringing them up pretending to be either from the bank or Police. Recently a man has been claiming to be ‘ DETECTIVE CONSTABLE MARTIN BENTON OF NEW SCOTLAND YARD FRAUD DEPARTMENT‘. He has then stated there is a problem with the person’s bank card and requested bank/card details. NO SUCH OFFICER EXISTS – THE CALLER IS A CRIMINAL TRYING TO GET BANK DETAILS/MONEY FROM YOU. If you should receive a call from this person (or any other name) please put the phone down as it is likely to be a ‘scam’. Please also report the circumstances to Police or Action Fraud. In doing so please use a different phone or wait at least 30 minutes before using the same phone as the criminals are able to stay on your phone line which enables them to commit fraud. NEITHER THE BANK NOR THE POLICE WILL EVER ASK FOR YOUR PIN NUMBER OR SEND SOMEONE TO YOUR ADDRESS TO COLLECT YOUR BANK CARD