Two men from London have been arrested after a couple from Spalding fell victim to a bank ‘scam’. The couple received a phone call on Friday 26th June from a person claiming to be a Police officer investigating a case of fake money at a local bank branch. The victims were told to withdraw money from their account and advised that it would be collected for checking. The victims complied and then were told to do the same for another of their accounts. Whilst the victim was in the bank in Boston she noticed a Lincolnshire Police poster explaining the ‘scam’ and realised that she had been conned. She contacted Police and 2 men aged 21 from the London area were arrested in Spalding that afternoon on suspicion of fraud. The money was recovered. The 2 men have been released on Police bail whilst the investigation continues. NEITHER THE BANK NOR POLICE WILL EVER ASK YOU TO REVEAL FINANCIAL DETAILS OVER THE PHONE NEITHER WILL THEY EVER ARRANGE COLLECTION OF CASH OR BANK CARDS FROM YOU. IF YOU RECEIVE SUCH A PHONE CALL PLEASE CONTACT POLICE