In a number of previous ‘blogs’ I have talked about Courier Bank frauds where a criminal rings up the victim claiming to be from their bank and tricks them into giving out their bank PIN number by staying on the phone line when the victim tries to ring their bank. A criminal subsequently attends the victim’s home and takes possession of the bank card then uses it to withdraw money from the victim’s account. A different method has recently been used in Lincolnshire as follows – the victim received a phone call from someone claiming to be from their bank telling them that there was a problem with their bank account and advising that they should transfer a large sum of money into another account. The details of the other account were supplied by the criminal. PLEASE NEVER GIVE YOUR PIN NUMBER OR OTHER PERSONAL/FINANCIAL INFORMATION OVER THE PHONE AND DON’T AGREE TO TRANSFER ANY MONEY OVER THE PHONE AS IT IS VERY POSSIBLE THAT THE CALLER MAY BE A CRIMINAL. PLEASE ALSO CHECK THAT YOUR PHONE LINE IS CLEAR BEFORE MAKING ANY PHONE CALLS AS CRIMINALS WHO COMMIT THIS TYPE OF CRIME WILL OFTEN STAY ON THE LINE AND PRETEND TO BE YOUR BANK. IF YOU HAVE BEEN THE VICTIM OF FRAUD PLEASE REPORT IT TO POLICE.