In previous ‘blogs’ I have talked about the methods used by fraudsters who phone people and trick them into either revealing personal bank details such as PIN numbers or persuading them to transfer their money into an account provided by the fraudster. They manage to do this by staying on the phone line and asking the victim to phone their bank branch. The victim doesn’t realise they are still talking to the fraudster as they have put the phone down from the original call and genuinely believe they have got through to their branch, subsequently revealing PIN or agreeing to transfer money. A recent episode of Crimewatch Roadshow highlighted that a number of farmers in the Yorkshire area have suffered from this scam with one particular victim agreeing to transfer a large sum of money into an account provided by the fraudster. The scam was even more realistic because the victim believes that they heard the dialtone when they picked the phone up to call the branch which convinced them that the line was clear although the fraud still took place. This raises the possibility that the fraudsters may be able to replicate the dialtone. PLEASE NEVER GIVE OUT PERSONAL DETAILS OR AGREE TO TRANSFER ANY MONEY OVER THE PHONE. IF YOU RECEIVE A CALL AND WANT TO CHECK AUTHENTICITY WITH YOUR BANK PLEASE EITHER USE A DIFFERENT PHONE/LINE OR ATTEND THE BANK IN PERSON IF AT ALL POSSIBLE.