Please be careful how you deal with your e-mails. For some time there have been instances of people receiving e-mails which appear to be from others who are known to them but are actually sent by fraudsters who have been able to ‘hack’ into someone’s e-mail account. The e-mail received is likely to request you click on a link attached to the e-mail or will explain that the sender has gone on holiday to somewhere abroad (often the Philippines) where they have been robbed. It will request that you send money and, should you reply in agreement, you will be supplied with bank account details for transfer of money. If you ever receive an e-mail of a similar nature please don’t respond in any way as they are all ‘scams’. If you are concerned try to contact the e-mail account holder by phone or some other way if possible. PLEASE DON’T REPLY TO SUCH E-MAILS OR FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS AS IT MAY RESULT IN YOU LOSING MONEY