I have this morning received an e-mail entitled ‘Bad Moment’ which appears to have been sent from a ‘genuine’ e-mail address which I have communicated with in the past. The e-mail claims that the person is in Manila, Philippines on holiday and has had cash, credit cards and mobile phones stolen during a ‘robbery’. The e-mail then goes on to request help in the form of some money to assist in settling the £2,850 hotel bill. I have phoned the ‘genuine’ holder of the e-mail account and wasn’t surprised to discover that they are at work in Lincolnshire and have also received similar e-mails. NEVER REPLY TO SUCH E-MAILS AND NEVER SEND MONEY, AS THIS IS A REGULAR TYPE OF SCAM WHICH CAN ALSO APPEAR TO COME FROM OR MENTION SOMEONE WHO YOU GENUINELY KNOW. YOU MAY WISH TO CONTACT THE ‘GENUINE’ PERSON BY PHONE TO CHECK BUT YOU SHOULD DELETE THE E-MAIL WITHOUT RESPONDING TO IT.