I have recently received an e-mail, purportedly from Lloyds Bank, titled ‘Security issue with your account’. The           e-mail invited me to access my account at any time by clicking on a link within the text of the e-mail then to enter my User ID and password. Although this e-mail has the bank logo at the top and appears genuine, it’s a scam intended to obtain my personal details. When I hovered my computer mouse over the link it provided a completely different address to that of the bank (even if it did appear to show an address which may belong to the bank I would advise against clicking on it). The main reason that I know it’s a scam is that I don’t bank online and I don’t have any accounts with Lloyds Bank PLEASE DON’T CLICK ON ANY LINKS OR ATTACHMENTS IN UNSOLICITED E-MAILS AND NEVER GIVE OUT YOUR PERSONAL DETAILS UNLESS YOU CAN BE ABSOLUTELY SURE THAT THE REQUEST IS GENUINE