There have been two more Rogue Trader incidents in the East of Lincolnshire recently. An elderly resident awoke from a nap to discover that a man had entered her house after climbing over a locked gate. He pressured the lady into buying a few cheap cloths which he then charged over £200 for. On another occasion a man ‘sold’ cloths to a lady who had severe dementia, actually taking the money from her purse. In the last year, according to Lincolnshire Trading Standards, residents have parted with about £92,000 to Rogue Traders. This figure is probably higher as it is believed that up to 90% of incidents are not reported. PLEASE DON’T OPEN THE DOOR TO COLD CALLERS. KEEP AN EYE ON YOUR ELDERLY/VULNERABLE NEIGHBOURS AND RELATIVES. REPORT ANY SUSPICIOUS PEOPLE IN YOUR NEIGHBOURHOOD TO THE POLICE.