On Tuesday 5th May 2015 at 11.30am a man called at the home of an elderly couple in North Hykeham near Lincoln. He stated that he had taken over the business who had originally cleaned and painted their roof. He claimed that the roof was no longer up to standard and wouldn’t pass any inspection. The man was very pushy and demanded £400 to complete the work. The occupiers were understandably intimidated and agreed to pay £350 which the man requested in cash. He stated that he would send “his lads” to complete the work but no-one arrived and no work was carried out. At about 1.45pm the same day this man returned and claimed that the work had been completed. He was paid and left on foot. He is described as 30-40 years old, medium build and height, smartly dressed. IF YOU ARE NOT SURE WHO IS AT YOUR DOOR PLEASE DON’T OPEN IT. IF YOU SEE ANYONE IN YOUR COMMUNITY WHO MAY BE A BOGUS CALLER OR ROGUE TRADER PLEASE CALL POLICE