The National Crime Agency (NCA) has issued a warning regarding two pieces of malware software known as GOZeus and Cryptolocker. This software appears to be responsible for potentially one of the most dangerous malware attacks in the history of the internet. It is estimated that over 1 million computers worldwide are already infected, of which more than 15,000 are UK based. The software being used exploits vulnerabilities on your PC and is able to install software which can capture bank details, re-direct money transfers and steal personal data from your computer.  The NCA has temporarily taken control of the communications used to connect with infected computers but expects to be able to retain control only for another 10 days or so. After this point the malware may again corrupt computers. Please ensure that your computer is protected from such malware and that your internet security software is up to date. Please also view e-mails with attachments from unknown senders with caution. Avoid storing passwords on your computer and keep backups of your work remotely where possible.  FOR MORE INFORMATION AND ADVICE PLEASE VISIT WWW.GETSAFEONLINE.ORG