A lady from the Hull area has been ‘scammed’ out of more than £8,000 after receiving a telephone call from fraudsters pretending to be from the police. The caller claimed to be from a police station in London and informed her that her son had been arrested for fraud in London. They gave her some bank account details and asked her to transfer money into that account on the pretence that the account holder was a fraudster who would be arrested by them when he attended the bank to withdraw the money. The lady transferred a quantity of money online and later discovered that the caller was a fraudster and she had become the victim of a scam. Latest figures published by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) show that there were more than 7 million incidents of fraud and cyber crime last year. NEITHER THE BANK NOR POLICE WILL EVER ASK YOU TO PROVIDE YOUR PIN NUMBER, WITHDRAW MONEY FOR COLLECTION OR TRANSFER MONEY TO ANOTHER ACCOUNT. IF YOU RECEIVE SUCH A PHONE CALL PLEASE HANG UP AND REPORT IT TO POLICE OR ACTION FRAUD. PLEASE ALSO REMEMBER TO USE A DIFFERENT PHONE TO DO SO OR WAIT FOR AT LEAST 30 MINUTES AS FRAUDSTERS ARE SOMETIMES KEEPING THE LINE OPEN