‘Courier’ fraud continues to be a problem both in Lincolnshire and further afield. Criminals are phoning people, claiming to be a police officer and stating that there has been fraudulent activity on their bank card/account. The victim is advised to go to their bank, remove all cash from their account and keep it at home until a ‘police officer’ visits them to take possession for ‘safe-keeping’. The victim is advised NOT to discuss this with bank staff as they may be ‘involved in the fraud’. The criminal caller already appears to be in possession of some of the victim’s details, including bank details and uses this as a way of gaining the victim’s trust. Recently a couple in their 80’s withdrew £4,000 from their bank and took it home awaiting ‘police’ arrival. Fortunately the genuine police were alerted and a 16 year old youth who was acting as a courier has been arrested. During the last two weeks over 20 such incidents have been reported in the region with fraudsters making several thousand pounds each time they are successful. The criminals tend to target older people but it could happen to anyone. THE POLICE WILL NEVER ASK YOU TO WITHDRAW MONEY NOR TAKE IT FROM YOU IN ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. PLEASE PASS THE INFORMATION ABOUT THIS ‘SCAM’ TO AS MANY PEOPLE AS POSSIBLE VIA SOCIAL MEDIA AND ANY OTHER SUITABLE METHODS.