There have recently been some more ‘courier’ scams in the County of Lincolnshire, on this occasion in the Stamford area. In one of these incidents a 71 year old man received a phone call from a man claiming to be a Police Officer who said he needed the man’s bank card details and PIN number as fraudulent activity had been identified on his bank accounts. The victim gave these details and shortly afterwards a man arrived at his house claiming to be a ‘courier’. The victim handed his bank cards to this man. The victim later became suspicious and contacted his bank who informed him that £900 had been taken from his account(s). The offender acting as a ‘courier’ in this incident is described as being of Pakistani or Caribbean descent, early 20’s, 5 feet 9 inches tall, slim build with short hair. He was wearing a black shirt and black jeans. Please report such incidents to the Police on 101 even if the attempts to obtain your details have been unsuccessful. PLEASE ALSO REMEMBER THAT YOUR BANK WILL NEVER ASK YOU FOR INFORMATION SUCH AS YOUR PIN NUMBER OVER THE PHONE NOR WILL THEY EVER SEND SOMEONE TO COLLECT YOUR CARDS.