Hundreds of thousands of mobile phones are lost/stolen every year. To increase your chances of recovering your phone in such circumstances it’s worth registering the item on the National Property Register known as Immobilise ( Your IMEI number is the most important piece of information required when you register the phone. This is a long number which can be displayed on the keypad of your device by entering the code *#06# It’s also worth making a note of that number as soon as you can as it may be useful for your service provider if your phone goes missing. Please remember to report your phone to your provider as soon as you think it may be missing as there have previously been issues with outstanding bills when the owner hasn’t reported it straight away. You can also register other items with Immobilise including your TV, computer and other household goods. The police and a number of retailers use the system so it’s worth taking the time to register items. If you are unfortunate enough to have a registered item(s) stolen please remember to update your Immobilise account to that effect. It’s free and relatively easy to use. ALWAYS USE A STRONG PASSWORD AND/OR PIN ON YOUR MOBILE DEVICE SO THAT ACCESS IS LIMITED TO ONLY THOSE WHO KNOW IT