Between June 2014 and November 2014 there were over 12,000 reports of Computer Software Service Fraud where callers purport to be from a variety of Organisations such as Microsoft, Talk Talk and BT. Victims are cold-called by phone and told that there is a problem with their computer which the caller can fix for a nominal fee. The callers often claim to work for Microsoft stating that your computer has been infected with a virus which they can repair. The victim is talked through the log-on steps in order for the fraudster to gain remote access to the computer. The victim will then often witness the computer ‘mouse’ being moved around the screen and changes being made to the display. They are then requested to pay a fee (normally between £100 and £300) and are told that the problem has been resolved. Once the initial payment has been processed it is not uncommon for additional larger payments to be debited from the victim’s account without their permission. In addition to charging a fee, in some cases a program is installed onto the computer to allow the fraudster unlimited access to personal data and online transactions. If you have been the victim of this or any other fraud please report it to Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040 or  NEITHER MICROSOFT NOR ANYONE ACTING ON THEIR BEHALF WILL EVER CALL YOU. PUT THE PHONE DOWN WHEN YOU IDENTIFY THAT THE CALL IS UNINVITED AND NEVER GIVE OUT PASSWORDS, PIN NUMBERS OR ALLOW REMOTE ACCESS TO YOUR COMPUTER IN SUCH CIRCUMSTANCES