There is no doubt that Lincolnshire is a safe County in which to live. Crime statistics when compared to other parts of the country confirm this. The North Kesteven area of Lincolnshire has recently been officially recognised as the safest place in England. In the 12 months until March 2014 there were fewer crimes per 1,000 people than anywhere else in the country. We must not however become complacent as crime still happens and we need to take precautions to ensure that we all stay safe. There has been an increase in house burglaries in the Lincoln area since May 2014, a large percentage committed with entry through an insecure or open door or window. The warmer weather may be one of the reasons why people are leaving windows and doors open, both during the day and at night. It only takes a matter of seconds for a criminal to take the opportunity to get into your home and steal your property. PLEASE DON’T GIVE THESE CRIMINALS THE CHANCE – KEEP YOUR WINDOWS AND DOORS CLOSED AND LOCKED