Fraudsters continue to target Lincolnshire residents with a couple more incidents recently. On Tuesday 9th June an elderly lady from the Spilsby area became the victim of a fraud when she received a phone call from a man claiming to be a DCI from the Metropolitan Police. She was advised to call a number to verify his authenticity but due to the line being kept open by the fraudsters the person she then spoke to was part of the ‘scam’ pretending to be Police. The lady was advised to go to her bank and transfer money into an account, the details having been supplied by the fraudster. On the same day a man in the Alford area received a similar call but became suspicious and put the phone down. Fraudsters are also now sending text messages to mobile phones which give the appearance of being from a bank. The messages claim that there has been a fraud on the account or that the account details need updating. The messages encourage people to call a number or visit a website. Both methods are fraudulent and may result in money or personal details being stolen. IF YOU RECEIVE A PHONE CALL OR TEXT MESSAGE CLAIMING TO BE FROM YOUR BANK OR POLICE PLEASE DON’T RESPOND. NEVER GIVE ANY PERSONAL DETAILS OUT NOR AGREE TO WITHDRAW OR TRANSFER MONEY. PLEASE REPORT ANY SUCH SCAMS, WHETHER SUCCESSFUL OR NOT, TO POLICE