There have been two more ‘Courier scam’ type incidents in Lincolnshire, this time in the Boston area. These occur where a person rings up claiming to be from your bank to advise you of some fraudulent activity on your card/account. The criminals ask you to ring your branch but stay on the phone line when you try to make the call. They then pretend to be from your bank, asking you for personal information including your PIN number. After confirming your address with you they will send a person/courier to collect your bank card. Once they have your card and PIN number the fraud can be committed. Neither of these recent cases were successful. PLEASE DON’T GIVE OUT PERSONAL INFORMATION INCLUDING PIN NUMBER OVER THE PHONE AS NEITHER YOUR BANK NOR POLICE WILL EVER ASK YOU FOR THEM. THIS ‘SCAM’ TARGETS ELDERLY PEOPLE SO PLEASE MAKE SURE THAT YOUR FRIENDS, RELATIVES AND NEIGHBOURS ARE AWARE OF THIS TYPE OF FRAUD