Recently I advised about a man in his 80’s from the Grantham area who had been conned out of £10,000 by a person who claimed to be a police officer on the phone. The victim, on request, withdrew the money from his bank and handed it to a ‘courier’ who came to his address to collect it. Unfortunately there have been 2 further incidents, again involving elderly victims. During these two crimes a total of £11,000 has been taken by the criminals. It is believed that the fraudsters are advising the victims to call 999 or 101 to check that the call is genuine but as the fraudster doesn’t terminate the original call and stays on the line, the victim only speaks with the criminal rather than the police PLEASE CONTINUE TO PASS ON THE MESSAGE THAT POLICE WILL NEVER ASK YOU TO WITHDRAW MONEY FOR COLLECTION AND PLEASE KEEP ON EYE ON ANY PEOPLE YOU KNOW MAY BE VULNERABLE TO SUCH CRIMES