Earlier this week I circulated details of a phone bank scam which resulted in a 92 year old lady from Grantham transferring £23,000 over the phone following a call from a man pretending to be from Barclays bank. Lincolnshire Police have been made aware of two further attempted scams. On March 9th police were informed of an 85 year old man from Harlaxton who had received a call on his landline from someone claiming to be from Lloyds bank who told him to go to his bank and transfer £80,000 into another account. On March 10th police were made aware of a 77 year old man who had been receiving between three and five calls a day from people advising him to transfer his savings. In the most recent call someone claiming to be from the Metropolitan Police told him that he would be arrested if he did not comply. Fortunately neither of these scams were successful and the police were informed. IF YOU RECEIVE A PHONE CALL FROM SOMEONE CLAIMING TO BE THE POLICE OR THE BANK PLEASE DON’T FOLLOW THEIR INSTRUCTIONS BUT HANG UP. PLEASE ALSO REPORT ANY PHONE CALLS OF THIS NATURE TO POLICE