Property marking increases the chances of your property being restored to you if you are unfortunate enough to have it stolen. By simply writing your house number (or the first two letters of your house name) on electrical and other household items with an Ultraviolet (UV) pen this will give the Police a better opportunity of identifying your property should they recover it from a criminal. Lincolnshire Police will issue you with a free property marking kit (which includes a UV pen, crime prevention leaflets and some stickers for your doors/windows) which residents of Lincolnshire can obtain simply by calling 01522 558146 and giving their details. If you are not a resident of Lincolnshire it is possible that your local Police may do the same so it would be worth a call to enquire. PROPERTY MARKING IS A SIMPLE BUT EFFECTIVE CRIME PREVENTION TACTIC WHICH IS FREE AND MAY BENEFIT YOU IN THE FUTURE