On at least two occasions during my recent talks members of the audience have asked me whether it is true that if you are being threatened at a cashpoint machine you should enter your PIN number backwards which will alert police. A lady yesterday showed me a piece of paper which claimed to be from Crimestoppers endorsing this piece of advice. THIS IS A SCAM AND IS NOTHING TO DO WITH CRIMESTOPPERS. IT DOES NOT WORK AND WILL NOT ALERT POLICE. IT WOULD APPEAR THAT THIS ROGUE ADVICE WAS CIRCULATED ON FACEBOOK AND POSSIBLY OTHER SOCIAL MEDIA SITES. THE ONLY RESPONSE YOU WOULD GET FROM A CASHPOINT MACHINE IS TO ADVISE YOU THAT YOU HAVE ENTERED AN INCORRECT PIN WHICH IS UNLIKELY TO HELP IN ANY SITUATION YOU MAY FIND YOURSELF FACED WITH. PLEASE DISREGARD THIS ‘SCAM’ ADVICE.