Lincolnshire Police are advising people to remain vigilant following a recent spate of distraction crime in the Louth area. On 9th May a distraction burglary took place when a man called at a property asking to use the toilet. Whilst inside he stole cash from a purse. On the same day two women approached an elderly lady in the street asking for money and stating that their handbag had been stolen. They asked for the address of the lady on the pretence of repaying her but then turned up at her house later asking for more money. On 10th May a lady was distracted in the gift shop of a local church by a man and woman with a pushchair. She later found her purse was missing. On 12th May another distraction burglary took place when a man  knocked at the door asking for a drink and once inside stole items PLEASE BE AWARE THAT CRIMINALS WILL USE VARIOUS METHODS TO STEAL FROM YOU AND THINK VERY CAREFULLY BEFORE ALLOWING STRANGERS INTO YOUR HOME – IF YOU’RE NOT SURE DON’T OPEN THE DOOR!