Lincolnshire Police are advising residents to be vigilant following two recent distraction burglaries in the Bassingham and Leasingham areas. Both were elderly victims in their 80’s and 90’s. In the first case a man wearing a fake ID card knocked on the door unexpectedly and, claiming to be working in the area, stated that he needed to turn the water off. As he distracted the occupier it is believed that two other men entered the house and stole jewellery and a bank card. A few days later another elderly couple were targeted in a similar manner. The men claimed to be from a water company but items were subsequently found to be missing from the house. Unfortunately no descriptions are available of those responsible IF SOMEONE COMES TO YOUR HOUSE PLEASE DON’T LET THEM IN UNLESS YOU CAN BE CERTAIN THEY ARE GENUINE. MAKE SURE ALL DOORS AND WINDOWS ARE CLOSED/LOCKED BEFORE GOING TO THE DOOR AND IF YOU’RE NOT SURE – DON’T OPEN THE DOOR