Royal Mail and Trading Standards have joined forces to crack down on ‘scam mail’ in the postal system across the UK. The joint initiative creates a new improved process for cancelling the contracts of companies who send fraudulent mail. Under the initiative Trading Standards will decide whether mail is a ‘scam’ and alert Royal Mail, before writing to the company requesting they stop sending the items. Royal Mail will also warn the company about it’s actions and will cancel any contract if the company persists in sending ‘scam mail’. Dedicated training sessions are taking place at delivery offices across the UK to improve awareness of ‘scam mail’ among postal staff. Postal workers will be trained to identify potentially fraudulent mailings which can then be investigated by Trading Standards. Both Royal Mail and Trading Standards are working to raise awareness of ‘scam mail’ and are encouraging people who believe that they, or a family member, are receiving mail from fraudsters to report it. Any person wishing to report a potential postal scam can write to Royal Mail at Freepost, Scam Mail, phone 03456 113 413 or e-mail                           IF YOU RECEIVE ‘SCAM MAIL’ ASKING YOU TO SEND MONEY TO OBTAIN A PRIZE PLEASE DON’T RESPOND IN ANY WAY AS IT IS LIKELY TO BE A FRAUD. MORE INFORMATION AND ADVICE ON ‘SCAM MAIL’ CAN BE FOUND BY VISITING THE ‘THINK JESSICA’ WEBSITE AT WWW.THINKJESSICA.COM