Two men from London have been arrested and charged with fraud after an incident in the Ingoldmells area recently. A 16 year old youth also arrested has been released on Police bail until February 2015. The victim in this case, an 80 year old woman, was contacted by telephone by a man who claimed to be from the Metropolitan Police. This man persuaded the woman to hand over £6,000 to a ‘courier’ who came to her door to collect the money. Last Thursday she received another phone call stating that someone would be visiting her to collect a further amount of money. The 16 year old (from Lincolnshire) was arrested at the woman’s address and later that day the two men from London were arrested. The victim’s money has been recovered.  PLEASE NEVER GIVE ANY FINANCIAL OR PERSONAL DETAILS OVER THE PHONE AND IF YOU RECEIVE A CALL PURPORTING TO BE FROM POLICE OR YOUR BANK ALWAYS CHECK BY TERMINATING THE CALL AND RINGING A NUMBER YOU KNOW TO BE CORRECT FOR THAT ORGANISATION (ALSO DON’T FORGET THAT YOUR LINE COULD BE STILL OPEN WHEN YOU CALL SO USE ANOTHER PHONE OR WAIT FOR AT LEAST 15 MINUTES BEFORE CALLING THE NUMBER)