Lincolnshire Police is joining in a day of awareness today (4th June) to highlight the issue of Courier Fraud. Although instances in the Lincolnshire area have reduced this is something which is unlikely to go away in the short term. There are previous ‘blogs’ on the site which explain in detail what a Courier Scam/Fraud is but as a quick reminder – it will occur when a criminal rings you up claiming to be connected to your bank or possibly a Police Officer. They will tell you that your bank card has been used in a fraud. They will advise you to ring your bank but they will stay on the line. If you don’t check that the line is clear before ringing your bank you will think you have reached them but you will again speak with a criminal who will ask you (amongst other things) for your PIN number. They will then tell you to wait in and after an hour or two a person will come to your door claiming to be a ‘courier’. Previous victims have then handed their cards to this person at which point the criminals have possession of your card and knowledge of your PIN to enable them to withdraw money from your account which is what happens next.  A BBC1 Watchdog article on Courier Fraud is being aired tonight.  PLEASE REMEMBER THAT NEITHER THE BANK NOR THE POLICE WILL EVER ASK YOU FOR YOUR PIN NUMBER. DON’T EVER GIVE OUT PERSONAL INFORMATION OVER THE PHONE.