Fraudsters have been phoning people telling them that they have been placed in the wrong council tax bracket and are entitled to a rebate in the region of £7,000. The recipient is asked to pay an administration fee in advance, of anything from £60-£350, but once this payment has been made they are no longer able to trace the caller. Subsequent calls to the council prove fruitless as this is a ‘scam’ which has nothing to do with the local authority. To date the fraudsters have mainly been targeting people over the age of 60 in the south of the country but this is something which will no doubt spread to other parts of the country. YOUR LOCAL COUNCIL WON’T PHONE YOU UNEXPECTEDLY TO DISCUSS A REBATE. NO LEGITIMATE ORGANISATION WILL ASK YOU TO PAY AN ADVANCED FEE IN ORDER TO RECEIVE MONEY, PLEASE DON’T GIVE OUT BANK DETAILS. IF YOU RECEIVE A PHONE CALL WHICH YOU THINK MAY BE FRAUDULENT PLEASE HANG UP IMMEDIATELY.