In a number of previous blogs I have given advice on the safe use of cashpoint machines. There have been recent instances of criminals targeting people in shops and supermarkets when they are paying for their purchases using the Chip and PIN machines. The criminal will position themselves so that they can see the person entering their PIN number into the machine. Shortly afterwards they or an accomplice will engage the shopper in conversation, normally in the car park or nearby, in order to distract the shopper and steal the card recently used.  The criminals then have knowledge of the PIN and possession of the card, enabling them to steal money from the account. On some occasions, when the shopper has put their bag into their vehicle, an offender has tried to distract the shopper while an accomplice has stolen the bag from the vehicle. Please be aware of these tactics when out shopping. ALWAYS COVER THE KEYPAD BEFORE ENTERING YOUR PIN NUMBER. ALWAYS KEEP YOUR CARD AND BELONGINGS SAFE AND SECURE. ALWAYS LOCK YOUR VEHICLE EVEN IF YOU ARE NEARBY AND NEVER LEAVE YOUR VEHICLE UNATTENDED WITH VALUABLES ON VIEW.