Lincolnshire Police are advising people using Chip and PIN bank card machines to be careful following some incidents recently. During the afternoon of Tuesday 7th July a man was observed standing behind shoppers in the Waitrose store, Lincoln. He was believed to be watching customers entering their PIN numbers into the machine. When challenged by staff he left. The following day (Weds 8th July) a man fitting the same description was seen to stand behind customers at the Sainsbury and Tesco stores in Sleaford watching PIN numbers being entered at the self-service tills. These customers were then distracted outside the store by another man asking for directions. As the customer was being distracted the first man has then entered their car and stolen their bank card from their handbag. Shortly afterwards the cards have been used to withdraw large amounts of cash from the cashpoint (ATM) machines attached to these stores. The first man is described as 25-30 years, 5’8″, dark hair, slim build. The second man is described as olive skinned, late 40’s – early 50’s, 5’9″, stocky build. Both men had Eastern European accents. PLEASE TAKE CARE WHEN ENTERING PIN NUMBERS AND COVER THE KEYPAD. PLEASE ALSO KEEP YOUR PERSONAL BELONGINGS WITH YOU OR SECURE AND OUT OF SIGHT