Catalytic converter thefts have been a problem nationally for some time. Lincolnshire continues to suffer from such crime with a recent spate in the Sleaford area being reported. Criminals are forcibly removing these anti-pollution devices from underneath vehicles because they contain increasingly precious metals such as platinum and palladium. The items are then sold for scrap metal. 4 x 4 vehicles and vans are particularly at risk because they are easy to crawl underneath. For more information and advice on how to security mark your converter please visit (click on the Advice tab at the top of the page followed by the Vehicle and Roads tab).                    IF YOUR VEHICLE IS FITTED WITH A CATALYTIC CONVERTER PLEASE TAKE CARE WHERE YOU PARK  IT. USE A GARAGE IF POSSIBLE OR LEAVE IT IN SUCH A POSITION AS TO MAKE IT EXTREMELY  DIFFICULT FOR ANYONE TO GET UNDERNEATH THE VEHICLE