There has been a recent incident at a cashpoint machine outside a bank in the Sleaford area where a device was placed on the cash dispenser slot in an attempt to prevent cash from being issued. Fortunately this attempt to commit crime wasn’t successful but it confirms that sometimes criminals will try to intefere with these machines in order to steal your money and/or bank card. They place a device across either the money dispenser or card slot in the hope that you will walk away if the machine appears to retain either, allowing them the opportunity to return and remove the device along with your money/card. PLEASE TAKE CARE WHEN USING THESE MACHINES AND IF IN DOUBT, DON’T USE IT. IT’S A GOOD IDEA TO PUT THE 24 HOUR PHONE NUMBER FOR YOUR BANK INTO YOUR PHONE SO THAT YOU CAN CALL THEM FROM THE MACHINE IF SOMETHING LIKE THIS HAPPENS