Police are warning the public not to give their bank card PIN numbers to anyone after bogus bank officials have stolen thousands of pounds by tricking victims into handing over their PIN. ‘Scammers’ have been stealing wallets and purses from staff rooms, health centres and care homes in the North Yorkshire area. Armed with the information from stolen bank cards the fraudsters call the victim at their place of work pretending to be from their bank, telling them that they have been a victim of theft. They then request a number of security details on the pretence that they need to cancel the card. One of these questions will be for the PIN number. The suspects are very convincing when they call, typing can be heard in the background, giving the impression of a call-centre. Once they have obtained the PIN then money is stolen from the account via cashpoint machine. One victim had her purse stolen from the staff room of the doctors surgery where she worked. Fraudsters then went on to withdraw thousands of pounds from banks in Darlington, Harrogate and Leeds. PLEASE REMEMBER TO KEEP YOUR BELONGINGS SAFE AT ALL TIMES AND NEVER GIVE OUT YOUR PIN UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES.