The National Fraud Intelligence Bureau (NFIB) is warning people to beware of fraudsters that turn up on your doorstep and ask for your signature. This could be a piece of the jigsaw which allows criminals to steal money from your bank account or commit identity theft. A convicted fraudster who was recently interviewed for intelligence purposes said ” If we want to get someone’s signature it’s really easy. All we do is put on a fluorescent coat or vest, knock on the door and ask the person to sign for a letter or a flyer. They don’t need signing for but nobody ever questions why and we don’t hang around for a chat! Once we have the signature we can make changes on their bank accounts and authorise fraudulent money transfers”. PLEASE TAKE CARE WHEN SIGNING FOR DELIVERED ITEMS AND IF YOU HAVE ANY DOUBT AT ALL THEN DON’T SIGN. PLEASE ALSO REMEMBER TO DISPOSE CAREFULLY OF ANY ITEMS WHICH CONTAIN YOUR PERSONAL/FINANCIAL DETAILS