Lincolnshire Police have released CCTV footage of a distraction theft which took place at a Nat West bank on St Peter’s Hill in Grantham on Monday 14th December. At 2.55pm a 93 year old man was using the cashpoint machine inside the bank foyer when he was distracted by one of three men nearby who were able to steal the man’s bank card and note his PIN number. Within just a few hours of the incident these criminals were able to withdraw £23,000 from the man’s account by way of bank transfer. It was only a few days later when the man tried to use his card again that he realised that the card he had wasn’t his own. The CCTV footage is very clear and shows the three men loitering behind the victim as he uses the machine. One of them appears to drop something on the floor which he draws to the attention of the victim who picks it up. As he does so another man removes the victim’s card from the machine and replaces it with another one. The victim takes that card unaware that it has been swapped. The CCTV footage can be viewed at   PLEASE BE AWARE OF THIS TACTIC AND REPORT ANY SIGHTINGS OF SUSPICIOUS PEOPLE TO BANK STAFF AND/OR POLICE