Providing Talks And Advice To Help You Stay Safe

Home Security

home-insurance-hi webMany house burglaries are committed by opportunistic thieves who get into your home through an open or insecure door or window. It stands to reason then that we can all do something towards preventing this and by following a few simple steps we can make life considerably more difficult for anyone trying to steal from us. Read More

Bogus Callers

bogus caller webAround 12,000 incidents of distraction burglary are reported every year. Distraction burglary is where criminals call at your home posing as officials (possibly gas, electricity or water, amongst others) or asking for help with something (lost ball in your garden, car broken down, amongst others). They will generally target older people. Read More

Telephone Calls

telephone webResearch has shown that 85% of people receive at least one nuisance call each month with nearly 6 in 10 people so fed up with the situation that they no longer want to answer their phone. The amount of telephone calls we get from ‘cold callers’ has increased considerably over the last few years. Read More

Personal Safety

travel bagOver the past 5 years a total of £173.8 million has been lost as a result of cash machine fraud. This type of crime is on the rise and causes distress to those affected. When you leave your home to go somewhere there are a number of things you can do to protect yourself and reduce the risk of becoming a victim of crime. Read More

Mobile Phones

mobile phonesMobile phone thefts surged in 2012 with more than 700,000 handsets stolen nationally. Overall, mobile phone theft has risen 190% since 1995. With modern technology continuing to move at a pace, it is likely that your phones and other devices will be worth as much or more than other electrical items you own. Read More


web icon in envelopeEvery year 3.2 million adults in the UK fall victim to a scam involving deceptive mail, phone calls or e-mails. Scam mail is mail sent by criminals who are called ‘scammers’. They are designed to trick the recipient into giving out bank details, sending cash or making money transfers. There are many types of scam. Read More

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Crime Writing Consultant

In addition to delivering talks on safety I also provide advice to authors on police actions and procedures. Due to my previous experience as a Senior Detective I have the knowledge to help authors produce accurate and authentic work. Although my background in crime investigation lends itself to crime fiction, I can help authors on any police-related issues from missing persons, forensic evidence and the criminal justice system to murder investigation and anything in between. If you are an author who needs such help please don’t hesitate to contact me


Below you can see two short videos offering advice on various aspects of personal safety.

More are available on the media page.

Home Security

Some basic crime prevention advice which will reduce the chances of you becoming a victim of burglary

Cashpoint Machines

Advice on how to safely use a cashpoint machine to reduce the chances of you becoming a victim of fraud